September News Round-Up


Each month, we here at Methane International will bring you a selection of the methane-focused news and studies published over the past month, as well as a list of the GMI Project Network members we have featured on Twitter. September 2015 put landfill emissions in the spotlight, thanks to the release of a new study from Yale University. NPR provided a helpful guide to cut kitchen food waste, while members of the United Nations dined on a lunch made completely of wasted food ingredients.

The Economist put out two interesting reads on the American dairy industry and creating urban power sources via small anaerobic digesters in parks that can be filled with dog poop.

Finally, the world celebrated ‘National Coffee Day’ on September 29th – and it turns out that the leftover grounds you threw out could be used to store a substantial amount of methane. What will October bring?

September Methane News Round-Up

Don’t Toss That Sour Milk! And Other Tips To Cut Kitchen Food Waste (NPR)

How Your Trash Is Contributing to Climate Change (Time)

The palm oil plantations powering communities and tackling climate change (The Guardian)

Trendsetting Manhattan Leads in Methane Leaks, Too (InsideClimateNews)

Study proves pipeline replacement programs are effective (

From Moo to You (The Economist)

Urban Anaerobic Digesters for Pet Waste (The Economist)

Used Coffee Grounds Can Store Methane (Popular Science)

World Leaders Are Fed Food Waste, and It’s Great (US News and World Report)

Why Beef is the new SUV (CNN – Opinion)



Economic impacts of carbon dioxide and methane released from thawing permafrost (Nature)

Estimates of solid waste disposal rates and reduction targets for landfill gas emissions (Nature)

Featured Project Network Members


Verso Energy

Petroleum Club of Romania

PRM Energy Systems

Quality Tonnes

Random Dynamic

Raven Knight

Rolls Royce

Scientific Drilling




Thai Biogas Company


The Coal Authority


Unison Solutions

Urja Biosystems



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