October Methane News Round-Up


Happy Halloween from your friends at the Global Methane Initiative Administrative Support Group! Before delving into the methane news coverage of this month, we ask you: what’s spookier than climate change? Check out these climate change Halloween-themed costumes to wear out tomorrow evening – that way you can spread the word about the serious effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in addition to donning a creative theme (hint: we like the methane-themed farting cow costume).

This month, The Economist touted the near-term benefits of curbing short-lived climate pollutants, and the European Parliament listened when it decided to support a new law that puts national limits on major pollutants, including methane (but excluding methane from enteric fermentation). The new law still needs endorsement by member states.

In the United States, the rising ocean temperatures off the Pacific coast are causing methane hydrates on the ocean floor to melt and release their methane. Meanwhile, the Alaskan permafrost is beginning to thaw. In the nation’s capital, the Blue Plains facility is using biogas generated from citizens’ excrement.

Finally, the Daily Beast offers a helpful guide on effective recycling. See you in November!

October Methane News Round-Up

Low Hanging Dirt (The Economist)

European politicians back new law to reduce air pollution (Reuters)

New methane organisms discovered (Business Standard)

Fracking can cause nearby abandoned wells to leak methane: study (Reuters)

Warming Oceans may be Spewing Methane off West Coast (Popular Science)

Permafrost warming in parts of Alaska ‘is accelerating’ (BBC News)

D.C. water is number one at recycling number two (WJLA ABC News)

When Should You Not Recycle? (The Daily Beast)

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GMI Visits Brazil

In early October 2015, the Global Methane Initiative traveled to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to focus on methane mitigation in the landfill and wastewater sectors.

São Paulo: GMI’s MSW sector advisors attended a Forum on Waste Management hosted by the Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning Companies and Special Waste (ABRELPE). The forum allowed for an exchange of different and complementary approaches to waste management and resource efficiency. GMI presented on integrating methane mitigation into the MSW sector to an audience of approximately 150 people.

Rio de Janeiro: The team then traveled to Rio de Janeiro to participate in a biannual conference held by the Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (ABES). The theme of this year’s conference was Climate Change and Environmental Sanitation Management. On behalf of GMI, Floriano Ferreira presented “Tools and Criteria for Financial Analysis of Biogas Projects in the Waste Water Sector” in a biogas-focused panel attended by approximately 250 people.


Meanwhile, the GMI Administrative Support Group manned a booth in the exhibition hall, promoting methane mitigation in the wastewater sector. We were pleased to see that our friends at Probiogas – a Brazil-Germany project Fostering Energy Use of Biogas in Brazil – were also in attendance.


Following the ABES conference, the GMI technical team attended a workshop sponsored by GMI, the CCAC, Rio de Janeiro’s Municipal Waste Management Company (COMLURB), C40 Cities, and Texas A&M Transportation Institute on Sustainable Transportation for Solid Waste Collection. This workshop featured notable addresses from the President of COMLURB and the city of Rio de Janeiro’s Secretary of Transportation, as well as engaging presentations on topics such as a landfill gas to transportation fuel project and C40 initiatives on sustainable transportation.

All in all, a successful trip to Brazil!