COP21: Methane-Focused Sessions


It has finally arrived – the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) 21st Conference of Parties! Or, more colloquially, COP21. We here at GMI want to ensure that our partners and stakeholders have comprehensive resources related to the methane-focused events.

First, here are the official UNFCCC COP21 schedule, comprehensive list of side events, and activities by our partner the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) at COP21. Some events of interest are:

4 December 2015: Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Focus Day SLCP Focus Day will show the pathways available for action on SLCPs, the measures available with strong commitments to act, how SLCPs reduction can be integrated across sectors, and the policies and tools enacted at various levels of government and society to mitigate these pollutants.

5 December 2015: Lessons Learned from the World Bank’s Pilot Auction Facility – Lessons learned from the PAF’s first auction as well as plans for future auctions.

7 December 2015: Reducing Methane Emissions from Oil & Gas Operations (side event) – The oil and gas sector is the second largest source of anthropogenic methane emissions, and gas flaring at oil production sites emits pollutants like black carbon and more than 300 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. This official COP21 side event will provide policy makers and other stakeholders with the latest information on these two issues and discuss the steps being taken by governments and industry to reduce emissions from the sector.

8 December 2015: SLCPs and INDCs: Tackling short-lived climate pollutants to raise ambition (side event) – This session will examine how measures to reduce SLCPs can help countries meet and exceed the goals set in their Paris pledges, support development and address key local concerns such as air pollution. The event will provide an overview of how countries can link SLCP actions with their climate and low-emissions development strategies, examine the political economy of tackling SLCPs, and hear directly from different countries that are actively addressing SLCPs.

8 December 2015: Waste: Mitigating Methane Emissions: From Science to Innovative Solutions (side event)

9 December 2015: CCAC Official Event: Addressing Near-term Climate Change with Multiple Benefits (side event) – A high-level panel discussion highlighting multiple benefits from reducing SLCPs, with links between climate and development work.


You can stay up to date on the latest COP21 news from our Twitter feed and the official UNFCCC Newsroom.



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