Global Methane Forum Highlights – GHGSat


Did you know that GHGSat, one of GMI’s Project Network organizations and a supporter of next month’s Global Methane Forum, is ramping up to launch a new satellite this year?

GHGSat offers methane detection, measurement and monitoring services, using its innovative satellite technology. After its launch in April, their state-of-the-art greenhouse gas (GHG)-monitoring satellite (named “CLAIRE”) will begin an emissions monitoring project in conjunction with Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance. Once in orbit and fully operational, CLAIRE will start taking measurements of methane emissions from two tailings ponds and one mine face.

Ultimately, GHGSat’s platform will be able to measure carbon dioxide and methane emissions from individual industrial facilities, anywhere in the world, with high precision and at lower cost than comparable alternatives. Since the same satellite can measure any facility in the world, GHGSat can provide consistent, reliable measurements across jurisdictions. GHGSat was also named on the 2016 GreenTec Awards’ Top 10 in the Production category!

For more information, see or contact them at


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