Global Methane Forum Speaker Highlights – Ricardo Hamdan

Ricardo Hamdan, North America Sales Manager, Greenlane Biogas

Ricardo Hamdan has nearly a decade of experience in renewable natural gas and biogas technology. He is currently the Sales Manager for North America for Greenlane Biogas in Vancouver, Canada, where he has been instrumental in the sale and completion of a broad array of biogas projects around the world, including landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and large-scale animal waste digesters. At the Global Methane Forum, Mr. Hamdan will present on Small Scale Biogas Upgrading Case Studies.

Founded in 1986 in Auckland, New Zealand, Greenlane Biogas is one of the world’s largest suppliers of biogas upgrading technology, including biogas to biomethane. Greenlane Biogas is an independent technology solution provider, offering water wash systems, pressure swing adsorption and membrane systems to clients of all sizes, from small-scale installations to extensive district and industrial biomethane facilities (input rates between 50 and 2500 cubic meters per hour). The two largest biogas-upgrading plants in the world—at Güstrow, Germany and Montreal, Canada—use Greenlane’s pressurized water scrubbing systems.

Greenlane Biogas TOTARA biogas upgrading equipment.

Mr. Hamdan speaks regularly on topics relating to anaerobic digestion, biogas upgrading and renewable natural gas policy and regulation. He is an active member of the American Biogas Council and the Biogas Association of Canada. He has spoken at several global industry conferences, including the BioCycle Conference, the Global Methane Initiative’s Methane Expo, and the Latin American Carbon Forum.

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