GAIL (India) Limited Co-Hosts GMI Oil & Gas Sector Workshop

The GMI Oil & Gas technical team visited GAIL (India) Limited’s (GAIL’s) headquarters in Noida, India, just outside of New Delhi for the 3rd All-India GMI Oil & Gas Sector Workshop, held on 11 March 2016. The event was well-attended, with representatives from two GMI Project Network members: GAIL and the Oil and Natural Gas Company (ONGC). Additional attendees represented oil and gas production, processing, and distribution companies, as well as the public sector, including Cairn India Limited, and Petronet LNG, the Directorate General – Hydrocarbons, FLIR Systems, United Nations Environmental Programme, and the US Embassy in Delhi.

GAIL Group Mar2016.jpg
Participants in the 3rd Annual All-India GMI Oil & Gas Sector Workshop, held 11 March 2016 in Noida, India.

The meeting convened all the major players dedicated to methane mitigation in the oil & gas sector through policy development and technology demonstration and deployment. GAIL generously shared preliminary results from its testing of an innovative retrofit technology designed to cost-effectively capture methane emissions from wet seal centrifugal compressors. Additionally, some of the participating oil and gas production companies expressed interest in joining CCAC’s Oil & Gas Methane Partnership.

Scott SPGarg March2016
Mr. Scott Bartos, U.S. EPA, (left) and Mr. S.P. Garg, GAIL (right).

All in all, GMI’s Oil & Gas technical team remains impressed by India’s sustained commitment to methane reductions in the oil & gas sector, and looks forward to future collaborations with GMI stakeholders. Special thanks goes to Mr. S.P. Garg, GAIL’s General Manager, and Mr. Arvind Namdeo, GAIL’s Deputy General Manager for Health Safety, and Environment, for their leadership in organizing and convening the very successful event!


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